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“Celebrating 20 years of Flipping Mukilteo”

On October 17th 1994 GYMagine Gymnastics open its doors for business here in Mukilteo. Owner and founder Kelly Donyes still smiles when he sees the morning preschoolers and afternoon school age children come through the doors excited to learn something new in gymnastics.

Kelly’s passion for gymnastics began in 1974 and would one day find its way to pen and paper in the form of a business plan in 1994. "My very first student was a little 5 years old girl named Katie, she only had one leg. Katie had a prosthetic but you would know it because she was a fast runner. She would out performed most of the other students in her class and was always smiling. I knew from the first day how special GYMagine Gymnastics would be in the lives of young people here in Mukilteo."

After 20 years of serving the Mukilteo community GYMagine has also provided hundreds of young High School and College students their first employment opportunity.

The championship banners of gymnasts and their accomplishments hanging from the ceiling at GYMagine represent the thousands of students and coaches that passed through the doors of GYMagine giving so many positive memories for a life time.

Kelly is still coaching the sport he so passionately loves but not the overwhelming hours he used to in the beginning years. “I now enjoy coaching coaches and young gymnasts a couple of times a week. It never gets old even though I am getting older”. 

Kelly attributes all of GYMagine’s success to the wonderful staff that have helped build this dream of his. Today GYMagine is led by Susan Riley (gym manager, head coach), team coaches and mentors Angela Cruz, Victoria Batie and Kyla Riley. They now shoulder the load of dreams and possibilities for our gymnast.

Our motto is “Never impossible, when Im-possible”

What is GYMagine?

When you combine imaginative and enthusiastic children with creative and skilled gymnastics teachers you get GYMagine! Increase fitness, develop strength and balance, and promote coordination and flexibility - all WHILE HAVING LOTS OF FUN! 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to teach our students to pursue an active lifestyle that builds self-confidence and healthy and happy bodies. Our cooperative teaching style allows us to work with our students to help guide them toward their gymnastics and fitness goals.

Our Facility

Our facility and equipment are designed to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all our students. We have Olympic-sized equipment as well as specially made preschool-sized equipment. Our 14,000 square foot facility includes in-ground trampolines and a large foam-filled landing pit. A parent viewing area is provided so that parents may share in their child's gymnastics experience.

Our Staff

Our teachers provide supportive guidance to help build the self-esteem of our students. Students and parents can depend on our experienced and safety-conscious staff for high-quality gymnastics. All our staff are professionally trained by GYMagine and receive background checks, and they must be certified by GYMCERT, the #1 online certification program in the USA.

Owner, Kelly Donyes, has been teaching gymnastics to children of all ages since 1976. He is extremely enthusiastic and an excellent motivator. Kelly holds a Physical Education degree from Seattle Pacific University. He was a National Safety Instructor for USA Gymnastics and is on the board for GYMCERT as a safety and education contributor (

Our Program

All of the programs have specially designed curriculums that offer sequenced gymnastic activities. These activities contribute to the development of students' upper body and abdominal strength, coordination, and overall fitness, which is lacking in many American children today. In addition, children gain self-confidence as they progress at their own pace in a fun, safe, and stimulating environment.(

Contact Information:

GYMagine Gymnastics
3616 South Road #B3
Mukilteo, Washington 98275

Phone (425) 513-8700