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What our customers say about us….

"The desk staff is organized, kind and knows everyone by name.  I am there every Tuesday morning and have been for 6 years 

and have felt like family from the first day. Is there anyone as remotely connected to young children as Coach Annie?  She 

seems to be able to crawl inside of their minds and `BE' them. Both of my daughters have been coached by her and absolutely 

adore her.  She promotes safety, teamwork and gymnastics while having a fantastic time all at once."

-Kathleen S, Everett

"We love Gymagine!  My daughter is currently in Coach Katie's group on Tuesday evenings at 5:15 pm & 

she really loves her.  She connects with her and relates well.  Katie is an absolute doll." 

-Tiffani B, Everett

"I love the liberal make-up policy at Gymagine.  We are often out of town and I didn't think signing up for classes 

was a good idea.  But making it so easy to make up a class allows me to sign up without worrying." 

-Heather L, Mukilteo

"I really enjoyed the gym and thought the staff were awesome. 

We're planning to continue enrolling our daughter in gymnastics."

-Elina L, Lynnwood

"We are newly enrolled at GYMagine, so far we are happy with the class and its instructor, Kayla. 

The front desk staff is very helpful, friendly and welcoming."

-The Stone's, Lynnwood

"My son has been enjoying his class on Saturdays at 9:30 am for three year olds. He loves Coach Spencer who 

really has impressed us with his patience and control over so many three year olds at the same time."

-Jen McGivern Snofsky, Edmonds

"It's a very good experience, Coach Conner is very good with the young ones."

-Earl P,  Tulalip

“Love this gym. My daughter is 2 and her first class was horrible. She was scared to do anything but teacher Michelle was so 

encouraging. The next week she was so much better and did more things. Each week is even better. At this age it is about 

getting them used to things but Michelle is so good with the kids. I highly recommend this place.”

-Kyla H, Bothell

“I've taken my twin 2-year old daughters here a couple times for their toddler drop in time. They absolutely love it. 

There are so many things for them to play with or play on it makes other "little" gyms seem so little. The fact that they can 

actually just PLAY makes it so much better. Too many of these "toddler times" are trying to create structured 

play and sing along time. Gymagine does it right and let's the kids just play and make up their own games. 

The last time I was there I received great service from the desk attendant and the staff, while fairly young, looked 

genuinely enthusiastic about what she was doing. The only negative thing about it is that it's only 45 minutes. 

My girls need at least 90 to get tuckered out! We'll definitely continue to go here regardless!”

-Jaison N, Seattle